Meals Ministry

Meetings the needs of our community

The meals ministry serves members and regular attenders of the Resurrection Sheepshead Bay who need help in providing food for themselves and their families for a limited period of time. This includes people with new infants, people who are coping with a death in the family, and people who have been hospitalized due to injury or illness.


If you think you may have a need for short-term help with meals, or you might be willing to help provide meals occasionally through the meals ministry, please contact Jessie Steadman, the meals ministry coordinator.


After Jessie has been informed of a need, she contacts those volunteers who have said they’re willing to provide meals. She then schedules meal delivery to the person or family in need for the time period they have arranged. Each person who agrees to provide food is expected to bring an entrée, and salad or other vegetable/side dish, enough for one full dinner. Extras such as bread or dessert are optional. The food can be cooked at home or purchased at a restaurant or store.